Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte

Heavy Equipment Repair Services

Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charlotte


Equipment We Repair:

As our name suggests, we repair all manner of heavy equipment around Charleston. Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charleston is a family-run outfit.

Our services:

Our reputation is stellar, our mechanics are highly trained and factory-certified, and our service is quick and efficient.

Factory-Certified Technicians and Mechanics

We ensure that our mechanics are properly trained and gain requisite experience on the machinery they work on. Our technicians are certified by the following manufacturers:

We have the latest and best tools in the field of heavy equipment repair. Our workshop can handle any kind of heavy equipment.

Heavy Equipment We Work On

We service, repair, and replace worn out parts on the following kinds of equipment:

Our Services

We offer a wide range of maintenance, repair, and parts replacement services with a focus on quick and efficient service. We know how important your heavy equipment is to you and it is always our goal to return it to working order as soon as possible.

Our services include:


    We are proud to be the preferred repair shop for heavy equipment in Charleston. Quick, efficient, and excellent service is our hallmark.

    Our services include:

    Air Conditioning Repair

    Charleston can get quite balmy. A broken or malfunctioning AC unit might cause your equipment operators to mutiny if not fixed quickly enough.

    Even if they soldier on and keep working with sweat pouring down their faces, the reduced comfort will put a massive dent in their productivity. Not to mention an increased chance for accidents due to fatigue, exhaustion, and sweat-obscured vision.

    To keep such incidents at an appropriate minimum, we offer the following AC services:

    Click Here to contact us about our air conditioning services.

    Electrical Repairs

    Diesel engines get more complex with every passing year. The electrical systems are getting so convoluted that DIY repairs are becoming borderline impossible. But not for us. Of course, we have an unfair advantage. We’re not a DIY repair shop. We’re professional technicians.

    There is no need to suspend work indefinitely because an electrical fault has grounded your machine. Bring it to us.

    We have the latest and greatest technology when it comes to electrical diagnostics.  We can accurately pinpoint the cause of an electrical fault, isolate the fault, repair it, and send your machine back to the job site. That’s where it belongs.

    Click Here for more information on the repair and maintenance services we offer for electrical systems.


    Hydraulic System Repairs

    Heavy equipment as we know it wouldn’t even exist without hydraulics. Hydraulic systems make up most of the functional parts of heavy equipment. They do a lot of the heavy lifting. They power the jacks, the cranes, the lifts, the diggers, and the compactors.

    Like any system that handles heavy loads, hydraulic systems on heavy machinery succumb to wear and tear over time. The fluid may start leaking or the pumps may break down.

    A faulty hydraulic system needs to be repaired immediately. If not, the equipment will be rendered unusable. We offer a variety of repair and replacement options for this.

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    Cylinder Head Resurfacing

    You will need to resurface your cylinder heads every once in a while to maintain peak operating performance. Resurfacing may also become necessary when you make some modifications to your engine.

    Cylinder head resurfacing is a delicate undertaking. It requires specialized equipment and skilled technicians. We have both.

    Click Here for more information about our cylinder head resurfacing services.



    lift-gate (1)

    Liftgate Repairs

    Liftgates are such simple yet ingenious inventions it’s a wonder how we managed for so long without them. Unloading a truck with a damaged liftgate will require a lot of hard labor that you probably won’t relish.

    But that doesn’t have to happen. The best way to avoid a damaged liftgate is to have yours regularly serviced. We offer a comprehensive liftgate maintenance plan that will help you avoid nasty surprises.

    In case your liftgate breaks down or gets damaged somehow, we will repair it immediately.

    Click Here for additional information on our liftgate maintenance and repair services.


    Windshield Repairs

    The importance of a windshield on any vehicle cannot be overstated. And unlike normal vehicles, heavy equipment operates in environments where its windshields are far more likely to be damaged by things like falling debris.

    Driving around without a windshield in a dusty or cold environment can be dangerous and even illegal. Towards that end, we offer repair and replacement services for windshields on all manner of heavy equipment.

    Click Here for an in-depth look at our windshield repair and replacement services.



    Drivetrain Rebuild

    The drivetrain (also called the powertrain or the driveline) is the system of intermediary components that sit between the engine and the wheels. These are:

    The purpose of the drivetrain is to moderate power. Let’s say, for example, you want to reverse your vehicle. The rotational direction of the engine doesn’t change. It keeps rotating normally. It’s the gearbox that “tells” the tires to rotate backward instead of forward.

    These “instructions” are relayed via the complex mechanical components of the drivetrain. The same goes for things like cornering. Thus the importance of a properly functioning drivetrain cannot be overstated.

    Drivetrains wear out over time. In case yours starts to act up our technicians can rebuild it as good as new in record time so your heavy equipment can keep working for you and pay itself off.

    Click Here to contact us about our drivetrain rebuilding services.



    Transmission Repairs

     The transmission does what its name implies. It transmits engine power to the wheels. Like all moving parts, it needs constant maintenance to continue operating at its best. A malfunctioning transmission will leave your machinery crippled.

    We offer repair services so that breakdowns can be dealt with as quickly as possible. We repair all kinds of transmissions:

    Because of its role in ensuring the right amount of power gets to the wheels, a malfunctioning transmission system needs to be repaired as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will find yourself unable to reverse, drive uphill, or even reach high speeds.

    Click Here to learn more about our transmission repair services.


    Preventative Maintenance

    Prevention is better than cure applies to machinery just as well as it applies to medicine. In the same way, you wash your hands before eating so you don’t have to run to the doctor with a stomach bug every week, servicing your heavy equipment regularly helps prevent a lot of unwanted surprises.

    Preventive maintenance is necessary due to the often high costs of unscheduled breakdowns. You may not only have to pay for the repairs but also for the opportunity cost of having grounded machinery and maybe even the wages of workers who showed up and had to stop work midway because the equipment broke down.


     Death and taxes are certainties. And so are repairs. There has never existed a machine that didn’t suffer from wear and tear. Things like accidents also make repairs inevitable.

    Repairs are an integral part of heavy equipment ownership. Our goal is to make the repair process as painless for you as possible.

    First, our highly trained technicians will identify the problem. This is usually the most important step. Without a proper diagnosis, repairs are impossible. The rest of the steps are just a matter of fixing the troublesome part as quickly as humanly possible and returning the machinery to you.

    Emergency Repairs

    Your equipment breaks down unexpectedly. You probably have a tight deadline to beat and need it fixed as soon as possible. But there’s a line at the repair shop. “You will have to wait for the other 35 customers to be served, Sir,” a rude attendant tells you. What do you do?

    You request our emergency repair service. There are no queues for that. With our emergency repair services, you can be served as soon as you come in so you can go back to work and do your job instead of getting progressively angrier at the slow-moving queue in a repair shop.

    Disclaimer: The example we used above is from another repair shop. Our attendants are very polite.

    Click Here to get in touch with us and learn all about our emergency repair services.


    At times, components can be beyond repair. Sometimes, repairs may not make much sense. We have excellent relations with equipment manufacturers and a large stock of replacement parts for just such an eventuality.

    Your machinery doesn’t have to lay around for a month and a half because a replacement part is out of stock or has to be shipped from the other side of the world.

    Here are some of our services:

    On site Mobile Repairs

    Heavy equipment is heavy. And it isn’t always road legal. You can’t drive a bulldozer on a public road. That makes such equipment a pain to transport. Even road-legal machinery like dump trucks can be troublesome to tow in the event of a breakdown.

    You don’t need to worry anymore. We have a solution: on-site repairs. Call us and we’ll send a technician to repair your machinery wherever it is. Our technicians carry all the tools they need in their trucks so they arrive ready to work.

    We can repair the following kinds of machinery on site:

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