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Charleston can get quite balmy. A broken or malfunctioning AC unit might cause your equipment operators to mutiny if not fixed quickly enough.

Even if they soldier on and keep working with sweat pouring down their faces, the reduced comfort will put a massive dent in their productivity. Not to mention an increased chance for accidents due to fatigue, exhaustion, and sweat-obscured vision.

To keep such incidents at an appropriate minimum, we offer the following AC services:

Even with a smoothly functioning heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, you need to keep up with maintenance so that your AC system doesn’t decide to go on holiday at an inopportune moment.

We offer a wide range of HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair services. These include:

Fast and Affordable Repair

    Climate Control Installation

    Many modern cabs come with in-built climate control. A few don’t. Some older ones also may not. That’s no reason to worry. Our skilled technicians have extensive experience installing HVAC systems on all kinds of cabs.

    A heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system on your cab keeps your crews comfortable in both hot and cold weather extremes.

    HVAC Service and Repair

    If your HVAC system starts acting up, we’re the people for you. Our technicians have extensive experience in repairing HVAC systems. They’ll get yours up and running in no time.

    Auxiliary Power Unit Repair

    The Auxiliary Power Unit provides power to your HVAC system. The APU is completely independent. It doesn’t rely on the engine or the battery.

    This redundancy prevents your HVAC system or the refrigerated compartment of your truck from being affected by engine or battery trouble. That way, you don’t freeze by the side of the road if your engine stops running because your heater is powered by a completely different system.

    But the APU isn’t immune to problems. It suffers from wear and tear just like any other component of your machinery. And getting it back into proper working order is one of our specialties.


    Repairing Bad Thermostats

    An AC with a broken thermostat is like a car with no brakes. You can’t regulate it. It runs and runs. This is not an ideal situation.

    An HVAC system doesn’t run all the time. Let’s say, for example, that it’s a hot summer day. You set the thermostat at 70 while the ambient temperature is 100. What happens is that the AC cools down the room until the temperature reaches 70. Once the room temperature hits 70, the AC shuts down. If the room warms up, the AC starts up again. This start-stop cycle goes on all day in order to maintain the preferred temperature.

    Without a thermostat, Your AC would run continuously. A continuously running AC would cool the room far below the desired temperature of 70 and the room would get progressively colder, negating the entire purpose of having an AC.

    The reverse happens with heating. With a broken thermostat the room would just keep getting warmer and warmer until you’re sweating indoors in the middle of winter. But you don’t need to endure either extreme when you can call us.

    Replenishment of Freon or Refrigerant

    The circulation of freon is what makes your refrigerator work. As the gas evaporates, it absorbs heat from the refrigeration compartment and cools whatever is inside. It is liquefied in the compressor and recirculated again and again through tubes.

    Over time, these tubes can get punctured, causing your freon to leak. Once this happens, your refrigerator stops working. But that’s an easy fix (for us). We’ll find the punctured tube, replace it, then replenish your freon, putting your refrigerator back into commission.

    Drain Line Cleaning

    Your AC’s drain line (also called the condensate line) is a drain pipe for water. This water is usually condensed water vapor from the air. As you know, Charleston can get quite humid. The air conditioning system takes most of that humidity out of the air as it is cooled and dumps out the moisture through the drain line.

    Over time, your drain line can get clogged up with dust and other particles.  A blocked drain line is no good for anyone, not your AC, and certainly not the people who depend on it. But we can fix that. Stat.

    Fixing Bad Blower Motors

    The blower motor is the one that pumps cool air into a room. A broken blower motor means no cool air. But like all problems, it can be fixed by the right people with the right tools. We have both.

    Repairing Bad Capacitors

    A capacitor serves an important function in electrical circuits. It smoothens the power supply. A damaged capacitor creates an open circuit. This shuts down your HVAC system.

    Capacitors are tiny components and a blown one might not look any different from a normal one. This can make pinpointing the cause of a breakdown hard. But it’s not hard for us. We have the best diagnostic tools available. We can accurately isolate and replace any bad capacitors.

    Fixing Bad Compressors

    The compressor is the most important component of any cooling system. Freon gas entering the compressor is liquefied and continuously recirculated to maintain the cooling effect.

    Without a functioning compressor, there is no cooling. When your compressor breaks down, you will know. But you don’t need to wait for a total breakdown. Unusually loud noises are the first signs of a bad compressor. Call us soon as you start hearing them.

    Clogged Air Filters

    Your air filters keep solid particles like dust out of the circulating air. Over time, the filters trap more dust particles and eventually become clogged.

    Clogged air filters cause your HVAC system to be less efficient as it has to pump air not only across the filter but also across the layer of grime covering it. Left unchecked, your entire filtration system could break down. Regular cleaning helps prevent this.

    We offer both cleaning and repair services for HVAC filtration systems in addition to repair and replacement for worn-out parts.

    Fixing Bad Relays or Contacts

    HVAC systems come with a lot of electrical components. These components can induce hard-to-diagnose faults that shut down the whole system.

    But we have the latest and best technology when it comes to pinpointing and isolating these electrical faults. Wherever the fault is, we will find it and fix it.

    Dirty Coils Need Cleaning

    Coils allow for heat transfer between the air in your HVAC system and the refrigerant. As the coils get dirtier and accumulate more layers of dust and grime, the heat transfer process gets less and less efficient.

    This is a problem easily solved by cleaning the delicate coils, something we can help you with. 

    Repairing Bad Condenser Fan Motors

    The condenser fan cools your AC’s compressor. If it breaks down, your compressor runs the risk of overheating and breaking down too.

    But fear not, Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charleston is here to help.

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