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Boom Trucks​

Boom trucks have hydraulic cranes mounted on their chassis.

There are two kinds of boom trucks:

Fixed Cab

In a fixed cab boom truck, the crane is carried on the back of the truck. The crane is operated for the front of the truck (the driver’s cab). That’s why it is called a fixed cab boom truck.

Swing Cab

The swing cab boom truck, also called the swing seat, has a separate cab for operating the crane. The crane has its own cab. The driver cannot control it from his cab. The crane of a swing cab boom truck has a wider range of motion than a fixed cab as it can completely rotate.

Boom Truck Cranes

Boom trucks carry mobile cranes on their beds. These truck-mounted cranes operate in a similar manner to their standalone counterparts. They can pick objects up and put them down. The crane arm can swivel around a central axis.

Bucket Trucks

Bucket trucks are also known as aerial work platforms or elevated work platforms. These are usually boom trucks with a hydraulic crane that has a bucket attached. These buckets are used to raise workers to heights that would be hard to reach under normal circumstances. Think of a billboard by the highway or a power line.

Telescopic vs. Articulating

Boom trucks are also classified by the flexibility of the crane arms.


An articulating crane has multiple joints and can bend at various angles. It’s like the human arm which can bend and move at the shoulder, elbow,  wrist, and knuckles.


Telescopic cranes only have one joint around which the crane arm rotates. In that regard, it is like the human torso. You can bend it at the waist but the only motion is up, down, and sideways.

Boom Truck Maintenance

The moving parts of a boom truck need constant lubrication if they’re to keep functioning in near-mint conditions. The hydraulic fluid of the crane needs to be kept pure and checked for leaks as well.

The fluid of a boom truck should be inspected at the following intervals:

Checklist for Boom Truck Maintenance

During maintenance, we check all the working parts of a boom truck. Our checklist is as follows:

If your boom truck is well maintained, it is unlikely to break down unexpectedly and cost you money in lost business. Repair costs for well-maintained machinery tend to be very low and the required repairs are usually minor and can be carried out relatively quickly. For poorly maintained equipment, the tale is a different one.

Boom Truck Repairs

Boom trucks sometimes require repairs due to accidents and normal wear and tear. These normally involve:

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