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At Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charleston, we repair the following truck models:

Box Truck Maintenance

There are plenty of reasons to properly maintain your box truck. Here are a few:

Truck maintenance is influenced by:

There are two types of preventive maintenance schedules:


    Preventative maintenance Types


    A-PMS is done every 10,000 to 15,000 miles. All the major components of your truck are checked. Some of the inspections:


    B-PMS is A-PMS plus fluid checking. So in addition to checking all the major components, all fluids are checked, topped up, and replenished. That’s why it’s called “wet” PMS. This happens every 10,000 to 35,000 miles. Your owner’s manual should give you pointers on the appropriate mileage intervals.

    B-PMS involves:

    Box Truck Repairs

     Repairs are inevitable. Wear and tear, accidents, and other unforeseen circumstances make them an unavoidable part of box truck ownership.

    Our mission at Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charleston is to make those repairs as quick and as painless as possible. We offer the following services:

    Emergency Box Truck Repairs

    Your box truck breaks down unexpectedly. You probably have a tight deadline to beat and need it fixed as soon as possible. But there’s a line at the repair shop. “You will have to wait for the other 35 customers to be served, Sir,” a rude attendant tells you. What do you do?

    You request our emergency repair service. There are no queues for that. With our emergency repair services, you can be served as soon as you come in so you can go back to work and do your job instead of getting progressively angrier at the slow-moving queue in a repair shop.

    Disclaimer: The example we used above is from another repair shop. Our attendants are very polite.

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