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Cylinder Head Resurfacing

You will have to resurface your cylinder heads from time to time to maintain peak operating performance. There are a few reasons as to why you may want to do that:

Cylinder head resurfacing is a delicate undertaking. It requires specialized equipment and skilled technicians. Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charleston has both.

Why is Cylinder Head Resurfacing Necessary?

Smooth cylinder heads result in fewer leaks from the gaskets. The smoothness of a cylinder head is measured in RA (roughness average). This metric is set by the manufacturer and it varies from cylinder head to cylinder head.

Cylinder Head Finishing: How to Get the Perfect Finish

Cylinder head resurfacing is a delicate process. To do it right, you need proper equipment and a highly skilled operator of the said equipment. Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charleston has both the tools and the people skilled enough to use them.

Some of the things a technician needs to know include:

Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charleston’s skilled technicians are the right men for the job.


    Is It Possible For A Finish To Be Too Smooth?

    Yes. A cylinder head can indeed be too smooth. Smoothness is measured in RA ( roughness average). The RA is a ratio of the pits and bumps on the surface to the horizontal plane.

    Owners’ manuals often recommend an RA value between 30 and 60. A smaller number indicates a smoother surface compared to a larger number.

    The exact RA value for your cylinder head is determined by your manufacturer so you should consult your owner’s manual. Too smooth and too tough are both bad as they cause leaks.

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