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Diesel Trucks

Diesel engines can generate a lot of torque at low speeds. They consume relatively little fuel compared to gasoline engines and happen to be more reliable.

It’s no surprise that they’re the engine of choice for heavy commercial vehicles. Great as they are, they still act up from time to time. We service them, repair them, and when they’re beyond saving, we replace them.

 We do this for many kinds of vehicles:

Diesel Truck Inspections

Diesel trucks are workhorses. In order to keep operating in the best possible conditions, they need to be regularly inspected and maintained.

Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charleston adheres to the following checklist:

We maintain, repair, and replace worn-out parts on diesel trucks to ensure they continue operating in their best possible shape.

Diesel Truck Maintenance

A breakdown of your diesel truck can be quite costly both in time, repair costs, and the opportunities lost while the truck is out of commission. To avoid this, regular maintenance is necessary.

With regular maintenance, you can spot and fix dozens of minor issues before they balloon into one catastrophic one. With regular maintenance, breakdowns are minor and rare instead of major and common.

During our maintenance process, we focus on:

​Get Fast and Affordable Repairs

    Diesel Truck Repairs

    Maintenace is great but it’s not a cure-all. Diesel trucks still experience wear and tear. They can also get banged up from time to time. All of these factors make repairs inevitable. Issues can arise in any of the following components:

    At Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charleston, solving diesel truck problems is our job. We do it all day, every day. If your truck starts acting up bring it to us. Our mechanics are highly trained, widely experienced, and factory-certified.

    When it comes to semi-trailers, we focus on:

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