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Electrical Repairs

 Diesel engines get more complex with every passing year. The electrical circuits that power electronics and other onboard systems are getting so convoluted that DIY repairs are becoming borderline impossible.

But not for us. Of course, we have an unfair advantage. We’re not a DIY repair shop. We’re professional technicians.

There is no need to suspend work indefinitely because an electrical fault has grounded your machine. Bring it to us.

We have the latest and greatest technology when it comes to electrical diagnostics.  We can accurately pinpoint the cause of an electrical fault, isolate the fault, repair it, and send your machine back to the job site. Where it belongs.

Fast and Affordable Repair

    Here are some common causes of electrical faults:

    Malfunctioning Glow Plugs

    Glow plugs are used to start a diesel engine. They tend to start acting up when it is extremely cold. A dead engine in the middle of winter is far from the most pleasant of circumstances

    Replacing the malfunctioning glow plugs usually solves the problem.


    Dead Batteries

    Batteries die. A lot. On heavy equipment and ordinary vehicles, it doesn’t matter. It’s just a fact of life that your battery will die at some point. Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charleston is your go-to place for battery replacement.

    Diesel Fuel Pump Failure

    Fuel injection pumps regulate the amount of fuel entering the engine. Too much and there’s incomplete combustion which needlessly wastes fuel. Too little and the engine doesn’t produce as much power as it should.

    Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charleston has highly trained technicians who can properly diagnose and fix a thorny issue like this one.

    Headlight Issues

    Despite being essential for visibility in the dark and on foggy days, headlights can be easily overlooked. They’re one of those components you assume will be alright until you turn them on and nothing happens. Or they glow so dimly, that they might as well be indicator lights.

    Having non-functional headlights is bound to get you in trouble with the law. Driving without headlights is also dangerous. Both to yourself and other road users.

    A lot of headlight issues can be avoided. Inspecting the headlights for issues like cracks is easy enough. You should also have the connections checked during maintenance. And once your headlights start dimming, it’s time to change them.

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    truck-poor-battery (1)

    Poor Battery Life

    While dead batteries are guaranteed, the time of death matters. A battery dying after only a few months is clearly a bad sign.

     Heavy machinery operates under a higher strain than ordinary vehicles but your battery can and should last up to three years with proper maintenance. We can help with that.

    Proper maintenance prevents sudden breakdowns. This helps you save money on new batteries and losses from sudden equipment failure.


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