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Emergency Repairs

Your equipment breaks down unexpectedly. You probably have a tight deadline to beat and need it fixed as soon as possible. But there’s a line at the repair shop. “You will have to wait for the other 35 customers to be served, Sir,” a rude attendant tells you. What do you do?

You request our emergency repair service. There are no queues for that. With our emergency repair services, you can be served as soon as you come in so you can go back to work and do your job instead of getting progressively angrier at the slow-moving queue in a repair shop.

Disclaimer: The example we used above is from another repair shop. Our attendants are very polite.

In Our Shop

We conduct most of our repairs in our shop. That’s where all the tools and the people are. Come visit us for all your repair needs.

We have highly-skilled technicians who boast of factory certification and extensive experience working on all kinds of heavy machinery.

Our Fix It Fast Fleet’s mobile equipment repair services are an important factor in providing you with speedy repairs when you need them the most.

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Get Fast and Affordable Repairs

    On-site/ Mobile Repairs

    Heavy equipment is heavy. And it isn’t always road legal. You can’t drive a bulldozer on a public road. That makes such machines a pain to transport. Even road-legal machinery like dump trucks can be troublesome to tow in the event of a breakdown.

    You don’t need to worry anymore. We have a solution: on-site repairs. Call us and we’ll send a technician to repair your machinery wherever it is. Our technicians carry all the tools they need in their trucks so they arrive ready to work.

    We can repair the following kinds of machinery on site:

    Our clients often request the following services:

    Our Rapid Response Team handles repairs, replacement, and even regular maintenance.

    Regular Maintenance

    Prevention is better than cure applies to machinery just as well as it applies to medicine. In the same way, you wash your hands before eating so you don’t have to run to the doctor with a stomach bug every week, servicing your heavy equipment regularly helps prevent a lot of unwanted surprises.

    Regular maintenance will help you avoid the often high costs of unscheduled breakdowns. You may not just have to pay for the repairs but for the opportunity cost of having grounded equipment and maybe even the wages of workers who showed up and had to stop work midway because the equipment broke down

    With regular maintenance, minor problems will be spotted and resolved long before they become major ones. 


    Death and taxes are certainties. And so are repairs. There has never existed a machine that didn’t suffer from wear and tear. Things like accidents also make repairs inevitable.

    Repairs are an integral part of heavy equipment ownership. Our goal is to make the repair process as painless for you as possible.

    First, our highly trained technicians will identify the problem. This is usually the most step. Without a proper diagnosis, repairs are impossible. The rest of the steps are just a matter of fixing the troublesome part as quickly as humanly possible and returning the equipment to you.


    At times, components can be beyond repair. Sometimes, repairs may not make much sense. We have excellent relations with equipment manufacturers and a large stock of replacement parts for just such an eventuality.

    Your machinery doesn’t have to lay around for a month and a half because a replacement part is out of stock or has to be shipped from the other side of the world.

    Here are some of our services:

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