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Engine Repair​

A dead engine equals a grounded machine. There’s very little you can do with a dead engine. Major engine problems can take quite a long time to fix.  A straight-up engine overhaul on the other hand is prohibitively expensive.

The best route is constant maintenance. Regular maintenance fixes all the small engine problems before they can get larger and cause more trouble. But maintenance isn’t a cure-all.

Wear and tear is inevitable. Accidents and other unforeseen events can lead to engine trouble. Other causes are:

Keeping an eye out for engine issues should help you avoid sudden breakdowns and prohibitive repair bills. Be on the lookout for the following:

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    Here are a number of things that prevent your engine from a starting:

    Blowing Smoke

    Smoke is a great indicator of engine health. A colorless exhaust is the marker of a healthy engine. Colored smoke, however, is a cause for concern.

    Black Smoke

    A healthy engine should not be belching black smoke like some 19th-century steam liner. Black smoke indicates that the fuel isn’t being burned properly. There’s too much fuel in the combustion chamber and not enough air.

    This can be caused by a number of factors:

    Blue Smoke

    Blue exhaust means your engine oil is burning. Engine oil is a lubricant, not a fuel. If it burns, it gets consumed too quickly, leaving your engine under lubricated.  You might be driving around thinking you don’t need to change your engine oil only to discover later that your engine has been grinding itself into metal shavings.

    Blue smoke is more common when it’s cold outside. If it persists, it’s a sign of trouble. Causes include:

    White Smoke

    White smoke is not a problem when you start your engine. It’s probably just the condensation in the exhaust pipe. If white smoke persists, however, the issue is far more serious.

    When you see white smoke, it means your fuel is going out of the exhaust pipe completely unburnt. You’re leaking fuel. The most common culprit is a faulty fuel injector. Others are:


     Air, fuel, and oil filters need to be cleaned regularly. They clog up and cause more problems if you fail to clear them of grime and everything else that sticks to them, they end up causing more problems.

    Fuel Filters

    Impurities on fuel filters form viscous blobs. As they accumulate they reduce the amount of fuel entering the engine and eventually cut off the flow completely. This shuts down the engine.

    Air Filters

    Air filters usually get clogged up by dust. This limits airflow into the engine, which in turn limits the efficiency of the combustion, and eventually the power output of the engine.

    Oil Filters

    Water and soot are often the main culprits when it comes to the clogging of oil filters. You should clean out the filters to make sure the oil keeps flowing properly.

    Inadequate Lubrication

    All moving parts need to be lubricated. Otherwise, they would grind against each other, overheat, and warp themselves and the part they’re in contact with out of shape. The lack of lubrication can completely destroy any machinery.

    Checking fluid levels in your engine, gearbox, and coolant tank is a vital ritual of any maintenance process. Regularly inspecting, topping up, and changing your lubricating fluids is a vital part of any maintenance routine.

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    On-site Mobile Repairs

    Heavy equipment is heavy. And it isn’t always road legal. You can’t drive a bulldozer on a public road. That makes such machines a pain to transport.

    Even road-legal machinery like dump trucks can be a pain to tow in the event of a breakdown.

    You don’t need to worry anymore. We have a solution: on-site repairs. Call us and we’ll send a technician to repair your machinery wherever it is.

    Our technicians carry all the tools they need in their Fix It Fast Fleet vehicles so they arrive ready to work.

    We can repair the following kinds of machinery on site:

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