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If you own a food truck then it’s both your restaurant and your kitchen. In addition to being a vehicle. If the vehicle breaks down, the restaurant will be incapable of operating. Your patrons go somewhere else and you lose the day’s sales. Not ideal.

Proper maintenance of your food truck is an important part of smooth operation. Given how important your food truck is to you, don’t just stop at regular maintenance and prompt repairs. Make a point of inspecting the following regularly:


    Maintenance of Food Trucks

    Regular maintenance is the best way to avoid sudden breakdowns of your food truck. Small problems don’t need to balloon into big ones because they are identified and fixed while still small.

    Even major problems can be spotted from a mile away. This prevents the occurrence of catastrophic failures that may cost you your revenue, your customers, or a catering gig.


    Inspect, refill, and change out all of the following fluids regularly:


    Check your battery regularly, tighten the connections, and top up the water. During regular maintenance, have the battery’s output voltages and currents checked. This way, you will know your battery is degrading instead of waking one morning and discovering your battery is dead and your truck won’t start.


    Your food truck carries a lot of your cooking equipment. This can be heavy and place an increased load on your tires. So do not cheap out on the tires. Get a good quality set.

    Make point of inspecting your treads. Don’t let your tires go bald. If your truck skids with a full load of food in the back, you may be dealing with a big old mess. And possibly some expensive equipment getting banged up for good measure.

    Wipers and Windshield

    Check your windshield for cracks, chips, and rattling noises. Inspect your wiper fluid and refill it regularly.


    Inspect, clean, and replace clogged fuel, air, and oil filters regularly. Colored smoke is usually an indicator of this.

    Belts & Hoses

    Inspect your belts and hoses during routine maintenance. Replace the worn and frayed ones right away.

    Food Truck Repairs

    Food trucks may experience certain problems that require repair:

    1.Engine Overheating

    Food truck engines sometimes overheat. This can be caused by a variety of factors:

    Some consequences of overheating:

    If your engine exhibits any of these signs, bring it to us. Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charleston has highly trained and extensively experienced technicians who can diagnose and repair any kind of engine problem.

    2.Transmission Problems

    The transmission is the intermediary between your engine and your wheels. If it malfunctions, you’ll find your food truck grounded.

    Some common transmission problems:

    Do not let transmission problems metastasize. Call us.

    3. Wheel and Axle Problems

    The increased weight of your cookware might strain your axles if they aren’t rated for the weight. Look out for the following signs:

    Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charleston can make all these problems disappear. Call or visit our repair shop.

    Maintaining a healthy food truck can be a difficult task. The wheels and axles are the most difficult parts to keep in good condition. Failure in having routine maintenance can lead to more serious problems and make the vehicle more difficult to operate.

    Due to difficulties such as misalignment, when there’s an issue it is not advisable to operate the vehicle without maintenance and or repair.

    Service for Food Trucks

    Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charleston offers a comprehensive maintenance package for food trucks. Regular maintenance will ensure your truck runs smoothly.  Maintenance ensures that any breakdowns are inconsequential and rare, not catastrophic and frequent.

    Our mechanics are the best in the business. They’re highly trained, vastly experienced, and certified by countless equipment manufacturers.

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