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Semi-trucks are the draft horses of the modern era. A lot of the freight transport within the continental US is done by truck. These trucks can travel hundreds of miles in a day. Many are on the road for ten hours every day.

In order to maintain their performance level, these trucks need some serious regular maintenance. A good preventive maintenance schedule helps prevent random breakdowns on the interstate.

Regular inspections are also advised with a particular focus on:


    Electrical System

    Sometimes, a semi-truck might:

    These are all signs of an electrical failure. The culprits could be:


    30% of semi-truck accidents are caused by brake failure. Semi-truck are heavy vehicles. They have a lot of momentum so stopping them is never easy. You can’t just step on the brakes and expect the vehicle to stop immediately. You have to slow down first.

    Even without the enormous operational pressures, there are a lot of other things that degrade a semi-truck’s braking system:


    The engine is the most important part of any vehicle. It’s the heart of the machine. You should always be on the lookout for signs of trouble.

    Semi-trucks, like most heavy-duty vehicles, use diesel engines because of their reliability, low fuel consumption, and the ability to generate high torque at low speeds compared to gasoline engines.

    Telltale signs of a malfunctioning engine:

    Both are signs of reduced engine efficiency and should spur you to have your engine checked.


    In a semi-truck, few parts take as much punishment as the tires. Little wonder tire issues are the leading cause of roadside breakdowns.

    Some common tire sins:

    These in turn cause:

    Refrigerated Trailers

    You wouldn’t want a reefer unit breaking down on you. That could be one expensive breakdown if you can’t get it fixed on time. And an extremely stinky one too if you’re carrying cargo like fish or meat and it all goes bad.

    The best way to avoid such a disastrous occurrence is to have your reefer unit regularly serviced. With proper maintenance, problems tend to be small and easily fixable instead of ballooning into giant catastrophic ones.

    Semi Truck Maintenance

    With regular maintenance, your semi-truck can keep running in near-mint condition for a lot longer. Breakdowns will be rarer and when they do happen, they’ll be due to minor easily fixable issues or accidents instead of systemic and catastrophic issues.

    We have a meticulous maintenance process that involves all of the following:

    At Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charleston, we have the following services for semi-trucks


    Maintenance and Repairs

    Our team of mechanics at Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charleston is the best in the business.  They’re highly trained, vastly experienced, and certified by countless machinery manufacturers. We service, repair, and replace worn-out parts on semi-trucks. We focus on high-quality service in a speedy time frame because we know your semi belongs on the road. Not in the shop. Click Here to ask us anything about semi-truck maintenance and repair.


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