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Utility Trucks

Utility Trucks and Utility Vehicles

Utility Trucks

Utility trucks are robust workhorses that sit in a category of their own between mini trucks and medium-duty to heavy trucks. Utility trucks come with cargo space and drawers for tools.

Types of Utility Trucks

Utility trucks are classified according to their build:

Standard Bodies

Standard body utility trucks have side storage drawers for tools and a flat truck bed for cargo.

Landscape Bodies

Landscape bodies have the side storage removed and a bed like a dump truck’s is added.

Enclosed Bodies

Enclosed body trucks come with a fully enclosed truck bed that makes them resemble vans.

Platform Bodies

Platform bodies replace the utility truck bed with a flatbed.

Crane Bodies

A crane body utility truck is one with a crane on its bed.

Steel Bodies

Steel body utility trucks are built of steel. They’re heavier than standard body trucks which are built with aluminum

Dump Bodies

Dump bodies have side storage drawers and a dump bed in the middle.

Utility Truck Inspections

Your utility truck needs regular and thorough inspections as part of the maintenance process to make sure everything is working as it should. This helps prevent frequent breakdowns and the disruption to your operations those breakdowns can cause.

Our inspection process at Heavy Equipment Repair Services Charleston involves:

Utility Truck Maintenance

Maintenance is the best way to keep any piece of machinery functioning like it’s new. The case is no different for utility trucks. During regular maintenance, we inspect every inch of the vehicle to find the most minor of potential problems.

During our maintenance process we check the:


    Utility Truck Repairs

    Maintenance reduces incidences of repair. It doesn’t eliminate them completely. Some repair will always be necessary. Your utility truck may be dinged or the parts might just wear out.

    Common causes for repair:

    Other issues:

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