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Windshield Repairs

Windshields are necessary for visibility and protection from stuff like rain, dust, and snow. The windshield also maintains a closed cab which helps to keep things like air conditioning and heat in the cab.

But windshields are also made of glass. They’re the most fragile part of your machinery. The operating environment doesn’t help. Windshields are often under constant attack from falling debris.

Other enemies of windshield longevity are:

You should also be on the lookout for cracks and chips on your windshield. Rattling and leakages are also bad signs.

OSHA and FMCSA Requirements

 The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that all heavy equipment have an intact windshield and functioning wipers.

Failure to adhere to this rule can be grounds for your employees suing you for neglecting workplace safety standards. There are also fines to pay. State and local laws also criminalize driving around with a broken windshield or no windshield at all. Penalties vary from state to state.


Early Warning Signs of Window Problems

Many equipment operators and owners mistakenly believe that only window fractures or cracks are indications of window damage. But cracks that form at the corners of the window will also cause it to fail and break down.

There are many types of cracks you may experience including:

Common types of cracks:

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